I joined Second Life

November 26th, 2007


Anyone else tried this?

I read quite a bit about it these days, and it seems to be growing pretty quickly, so i thought I’d check it out. I keep hearing about all these huge companies pouring money into it, sponsoring different things, and establishing their presence.

In a word, it’s consuming. If you want to make any inroads, you have to be ready to devote quite a bit of time to it, and that is something I just don’t have.

You’ve got to have money (Linden Dollars) to make an impact, otherwise it’s just a very easy way to watch your avatar have cybersex. It can be fairly graphic too.

I swear, after 24 hours the only thing I had really accomplished was having lost my virginity. It’s pretty easy to see how lonely teenagers and people with no game could get hooked on something like this as an outlet for sex, but it just doesn’t quite get me there. Cameron Frye could get laid in Second Life.

Stick to the good old porn if you ask me.

It’s pretty cool to meet people from all over the world, and I could see it being very cool if you were able to successfully carve out a little niche for you and friends, but that would require a major time investment.

There are also major issues with connection speeds. Specifically, people are dropping off constantly unless you have a super fast connection and a fast processor. Very frustrating to be talking to someone, then they disappear for no apparent reason. You never know whether you bored them to tears and they teleported away, or if their connection failed and they had to login all over again.

The connection issues also complicated basic conversations. Having a great connection, I was able to respond to questions very quickly. However, if you’re talking to someone with a bad connection, they get your responses very delayed, and by the time they respond, you have no idea what they’re responding to.

The software itself isn’t always reliable, but hey, it’s a pretty amazing tool that puts you virtually in touch with the rest of the planet. What do you expect?

(image courtesy You Been Blinded)

Have you played Wii yet? The wife and I got one. If you haven’t tried, they’re pretty addictive.

She actually loves it because you can be so active while you’re playing, instead of watching me sit on my ass all night shooting bad guys.

Game publisher Midway is reportedly getting ready to release “Party Game” that has several of what I consider bar games, or games you might play while you’re drinking beer.

The most important of which is Beer Pong, or Wii Beirut as it will be called. That’s all we need. A video game that basically promotes drinking. What a concept! I love it!

How long until this game is played on campuses all over the country? Will it be more popular than the real thing?

Other games in the package include shuffleboard, darts and skee-ball. Yes, skee-ball. Showbiz is hating it.

You Been Blinded


Let me be the first to warn you that saving a buck isn’t always a good thing. I bought an Olevia LCD TV awhile back, and two years into the experiment I’m seeing green feedback in all my dark scenes. Never again.

Nonetheless, 52″ for $2500 is amazing, no matter how you look at it. If size matters to you, this may be your TV. I don’t think you can get the Sharp LCD at that size for less than 4 grand.


Hide your manpurse!!

July 11th, 2007


Do you carry a bag with you at all times? I have a briefcase that I carry to and from work, but that’s the extent of it. I have another bag that I use to carry my laptop, but those instances are few and far between.

The manpurse is getting more and more common everyday. In fact, it’s estimated that as many as 13.8 million men carry a manpurse in the UK alone. For those that do, please note that you are becoming a much more likely target to be mugged than your female counterparts.

Why? According to recent studies, the dollar value of the content’s in a manpurse vs. a woman’s purse is about 25% higher. Men tend to have higher priced toys, and therefore offer a potential thief a bigger reward.

Insurance companies are highly recommending that you check you coverage, as homeowners insurance policies may vary.

I’m on the fence with the whole concept. I love to have my toys with me (laptop, phone, wallet, keys), but I have issues with having to lug a bag around all the time. I can’t stand having my pockets crammed with stuff, so a thin phone is a priority, I keep my wallet pretty thin, and I only carry the keys I absolutely have to have.

I’m watching the whole UMPC concept with a close eye. Once they get those things perfected, and in my price range, you’ll likely see me pick one up, and as a result, join the ranks of the manpurse.

Let’s hope it’s not anytime soon.


Server Issues

July 9th, 2007

It seems we’re having a few hiccups with our server. Sorry for the lack of updates. We hope to be back up to full speed this afternoon.

iPhones for everyone!!!

June 29th, 2007

(image courtesy Engadget)

That was the story of the day for all Apple employees, including the temps. Steve Jobs called a rare “Town Hall Meeting” of all Apple employees to deliver the news, just a day before they’re available to the general public. He’s only done this once before (iPod), and we all know how that turned out.

I wish I could have seen some of the reactions. People must have been going apeshit! Remember when Oprah gave away those cars a few years ago and the audience went into absolute hysterics? It was like someone had thrown a cheeseburger in front of Jennifer Hudson.

I wonder how many of those phones will be on eBay this weekend?



I’m not surprised, but there are two guys actually already in line at the Apple store on 5th Avenue in NYC to get there hands on the iPhone FRIDAY night at 6PM.

Part of them probably just wants a little publicity, but you can’t knock them for the effort.

That’s a long tme to wait for a phone that only has EDGE and no 3G. They better get used to waiting because their page loads will take 5 days too.


(image courtesy Engadget)

“The truth is we aren’t very far with Apple,” Bill Linton, Rogers’ chief financial officer of Rogers Communications Inc. (Canadian phone suppplier), told a conference last month. “They’re concentrating on this launch and the U.S., and when they decide to turn their mind to other markets, we’ll be in line.”

It mentions in the article that AT&T has the “multi-year” exclusive on the iPhone. I didn’t realize that. I figured it was just the typical six months or so. Wow. They’re going to clean up. So many people will like drop the Verizon’s and Sprints of the world to get there hands on this phone.

Personally, I’m waiting for generation 2, so that I can get me some 3G action. Once you go 3G, you never go back.



This may totally be a rumor, but apparently if you order over the phone, and complain enough about the prices, the Apple customer support people have the authority to give you $100 off your purchase, no questions asked.

Sadly, this does not apply to the iPhone that comes out later this month, but it might be worth it for the MacBook Pro you’ve been eyeing.

The design isn’t great, my opinion, but if you want a loaded laptop at a great price, one of these might be in your future…


Core 2 Duo, available in 15 and 17 in. varieties, and maybe a 14 incher real soon.

More pics and specs here.