Are you going to watch ‘Private Practice’? Count me in. Wednesday nights.

I’m a big fan a Kate, and not just for her looks.

She’s shown here waiting outside the Letterman show.

Just Jared

Don’t watch this if you’re puke sensitive. My sister in-law is pregnant and I have no kids, so I’m just getting used to this whole pregnancy thing.

Check out this TV show host in Sweden. She’s just going about her business when all of a sudden she just spills her guts. Literally!

She runs off stage, then, as if nothing happened, she hops right back on set and keeps going.

What a beast!

The last guy we saw who could dance like this wore a shiny glove on one of his hands…and now he’s a freak!

Just Jared

(image courtesy Bob D Amico/ABC)

Mark your calendars. Thursday, Sept. 27th, Grey’s Anatomy is back. Dr. Burke is gone, but the drama promises to be just as scintillating.

Will Yang fully recover from the wedding disaster in last season’s finale?

FYI - my wife tunes into Grey’s Anatomy for her “weekly cry”. Makes no difference if it’s an episode where there is no sadness. She’ll find a way to let the tears flow. Probably because she knows she’ll wake up next to me and not McDreamy.

It’s ok. I get it. I get the same way watching Maria Menounos.

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(image courtesy Chris Haston/Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)

‘Las Vegas’ is heading into it’s 5th season, but I’m oddly surprised it has made it this long. The wife and I watch it religiously, but I don’t know anyone else that even considers it.

The hot cast is anchored by Josh Duhamel, then sprinkle in a few ladies like Vanessa Marcil and Mollie Sims. Tom Selleck is new to the cast this season, while James Cahn and Nikki Cox have departed.

Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Agent Provocateur, self proclaimed “world’s most erotic lingerie” is known for pushing the envelope in their marketing.

This video was banned in several countries, including the US, for being too provocative. Check it out. Provocative? Hell yes! I loved it.

And no, I couldn’t stand up either…

(image courtesy VH-1)

If you happened to notice a few less hookers on your street corner this weekend, it was probably because they were participants on VH-1’s latest reality show disaster Rock of Love.

They rounded up 25 of the skankiest America has to offer. Each with their own plan to earn former Poison frontman Bret Michaels’ affection.

Whereas it usually takes a few episodes for the chicks on The Bachelor to bare their ugly/slutty sides, these girls didn’t bother waiting five minutes.

To say the least, each of these bimbos has seen much better days. The outfits were horrible, implants plentiful, and the language was made for cable. Contestant Brandi scored big points with Bret when she told him, “I am a Scorpio so I’m ruled by my genitals.” Vegas quickly made her the odds on favorite.

Long story short, don’t waste your time.