Who’s the hottest of these scintillating brunettes?


One night, one girl. Who’s it going to be?

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If you ask me, it’s pretty easy.

Menounos, Hathaway then Rossum. Do you agree?

Would you rather?

September 27th, 2007

I think this is probably a stupid question, but I’ll ask anyways. Heidi Montag or Krisitn Cavallari?


Heidi or Kristin?

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Would you rather…

August 7th, 2007

…look like Vince Young or LeBron James?

Hey, we can’t all look like David Beckham or Michael Jordan. These are 2 superstars that can have any woman in the world, but neither has the looks of a Michael Jordan or a Joe Montana.

Your game, their looks. Who’s it going to be?


Whose mug would get you laid the most?

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Pure looks count here. Not money, athletic ability, or anything like that.

Would you rather…?

July 26th, 2007


Which of these ladies would you rather have a one night stand with?

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I’m talking no strings attached, just one night of the hottest, wettest sex you’ve ever had. I don’t care if you’re married, gay, straight or whatever. Just answer the question as honest as you can.

My wife gets bombarded with these types of questions everyday, and I’m just trying to get a feel for my readership (both of you).

There will be many more to follow.

Since I’m the boss, I vote first. Only one way, Hathaway.