Have you heard her new album? Not bad.

Totally not what I expected. I figured it would be Jessica Simpson-like bubblegum pop, but it’s more Enya-esque.

I liked it.


They were a little before my time, but who doesn’t appreciate a little Stairway to Heaven?

Anyways, I’m sure there are many that can’t wait to get tickets to one of their shows. According to the article it may be the most anticipated reunion tour of all time.

Daily Mail UK

I thought this was pretty hilarious…found it at AllieIsWired

She looks even bigger too!


Industry insiders are saying based on preliminary results that Kanye is on his way to selling approximately 700,000 units vs. only 500,000 for Fiddy.

To take it one step further , they’re also saying that Kenny Chesney’s new album, released the same day, might even surpass Fiddy’s numbers.

What do you have to say about that Mr. Cent? You gonna make good on that promise to retire?

Perez Hilton

The last guy we saw who could dance like this wore a shiny glove on one of his hands…and now he’s a freak!

Just Jared