You’re probably wondering what the hell Miss Golden Globe is.

Well, they choose a daughter of a Hollywood legend to assist on stage during the ceremony to help pass out the awards. Basically, it’s a token job for a young kid, but it’s usually someone much less well known than Rumer.

Whatever, I hope she enjoys it, but don’t think it’s a stepping stone for a career in the biz.

“Since both of her parents have enjoyed successful entertainment careers in the acting profession, she is doubly qualified to serve as Miss Golden Globe…” said HFPA President Jorge Camara at the announcement.


Everyone knows we’re big Rumer fans around here. We’re just impressed that she doesn’t feel compelled to conform. Sure she owes everything to her parent’s and last name, but she seems content to try and make it on her own.

I think she makes some questionable fashion choices, but who am I to decide what’s right for her?

That’s what I like about her. She decides for herself.

Just Jared


I guess Perez Hilton is thinking about jumping on our bandwagon.

Rumer looks like a shorter version Brigitte Nielsen back in her prime about 20 years ago, when she was married to Sly Stallone.

The body has always been there, she just has a few bad hair days that can accentuate her bulbous chin. Regardless, we’re big fans as always, and hope that she succeeds.

I’m not sold on this platinum blonde look, but it’s definitely a step forward from where she was at.

Click thru to see what Perez has to say…

Perez Hilton


I’m going to make a hottie out of her if it kills me. Poor thing, you can almost see the insecurity in her just by watching her pose.

I know she can do better.

Sure she’s taken a few bad photos, but check out these three. Hot bod, sexy smile.

What else do you need?

Way to work it Rumer! Keep em coming!




Photos: James Breeden/Andrew Shawaf/ Jared)

Rumer Willis has a hot body!!

August 30th, 2007


OK. I’m proud to announce that I’ll be the first member of the Rumer Willis Fan club. She takes so much ridicule, but I can see the potential. If you’ve ever heard her speak, she actually comes off as being articulate and intelligent.

Check out her bod. It’s fantastic. I don’t know one guy that would kick that out of bed.

I’ll be the first to admit that everything she’s accomplished to date has been due to her last name, so it’s time she make a name on her own.

I really believe that one of the first steps has to be a change in her fashion sense. She does a horrible job emphasizing her strengths, and instead draws attention to her flaws.

If you have some flattering pics of Miss Willis, send them to me at james at This will be the first of many posts championing her cause, on her quest to become known for more than just having famous parents.

I’m with you Rumer!!

(image courtesy

Sorry Rumer. Just as I get done saying that she isn’t very photogenic, I find this picture of Jennifer Aniston with a grin that’s about as sexy as a water buffalo.

We all know Jen cleans up well, but the photographer here definitely caught her in a rare moment. I guess what I’m saying is that we all have our bad pics.

On a side note, is it me, does Jen’s bikini bottoms look about 1 size too small?

I’m just saying!!



Poor Rumor. She’s just not photogenic like Momma. She’s shown here at the LG beach House in Malibu, with a very strange smirk on her face that I’m assuming most would say looks like Bruce.

She’s got a nice enough body though. I bet she looks great in that bikini.

(Evil Beet Gossip)


I gotta agree with Perez. Rumer’s got it going on.

That big chin of her’s plays tricks with your eyes. I always thought she was a little chunky, but that’s obviously not the case. I don’t know who she looks like here, but I definitely wouldn’t kick her out of my bed.

Keep it up Rumer!

(image courtesy Pacific Coast News/PerezHilton)