Friday Parade of Hotties…

October 26th, 2007

The only thing you have to remember about this week is Gisele in a bikini. We learned she’s thin as a rail, and she’s keeping one lucky bikini waxer in business. She spent the week in Miami lounging on the beach.

Her boyfriend, Tom Brady, and the Patriots look unbeatable, but a showdown with the Colts is looming.

Carrie Underwood has a new boyfriend named Chayce. That has to be a stage name right? What kind of a mother would do that to her child?

Seal has a huge package. At least according to Heidi. Sounds like it was love at first sight.

Oh, and Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese are finally bringing their relationship out in the open, now that her divorce is final. Good for them. Now just get Jake to shave.

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Bar Rafaeli and Leo are officially over, and she ran to Kelly Slater. After plowing through Gisele and Bar, I can’t wait to see Leo’s next girl!


Newly proud Latina Jessica Alba made an appearance this week, and I was curious as to why she’s already wearing tights when it’s still warm in LA…


I present Exhibit A of Gisele’s smooth girly bits…


Eva Longoria came out for the 7th Annual El Sueno de Espearanza Gala in LA…


We also debated whether or not LeAnn Rimes is a bona fide hottie. I decided ‘no’.


Just who is this Leslie Bibb person and why hasn’t she come across this blog before?


Daphne Zuniga showed up to the ‘Nip/Tuck’ premiere looking like she still lived at Melrose Place. Eat your heart out Heather Locklear!


Apparently Olivia Wilde still has her fans out there, but I’m thinking she’s lost a little bit of the sex appeal. She’s dressing too old for someone as young as she is.


And that brings us back to Gisele in her black bikini. She sure is skinny, but there’s no denying she’s a sexy beast!

Friday parade of hotties…

October 19th, 2007

Unless you’re just so into boobs that you’re basically blinded by everything else. Jessica wins this competition hands down.

Is Rachel Bilson perfect? She takes her little sister to soccer games, has a dog named Thurman Murman, and is the cutest thing going. She stepped out the other night for the Saks Fifth Avenue cocktail party welcoming French shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

Kelly Brook’s boobs are so insanely big and wonderful, but I almost wonder if I could handle them. What the hell am I saying? Am I sick?

Emmy Rossum is Rachel Bilson with an attitude. Cute as a can be, but supposedly can be a real bitch. She’s shown here attending the book launch of Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe’s new book.

Isabel Goulart makes my pants tighter. Here she’s stealing the show at the Badgley Mischka fashion show.

Ali Landry, the original “Doritos” girl is beautiful, but is basically invisible these days. This must have been taken at a Frito Lay shareholder’s meeting.

Don’t you wish they could all look this good going through security? Adriana Lima is in that Cindy Crawford stratosphere where people look ridiculously beautiful with or without makeup.

Minka Kelly was at the same Christian Louboutin event with Rachel Bilson. Is it just a coincidence that she’s all over the place now that she’s dating John Mayer? I wonder if she’s hired a new publicist in the last 6 weeks? That person deserves a raise. FYI, there was an upskirt shot at this event. Check it out at your own risk…linky.

What the hell is going on here with Rebecca Romijn. She’s shown here outside the Letterman Show wearing more make-up than than John Madden. She looks plastic! Maybe she had a last minute acne breakout?

Is it weird that I think Charlize Theron and Uma Thurman could be the same person? Uma rolled into that Swarovski Fashion Rocks concert in this see through dress that kicks ass. It leaves just enough to the imagination, and I’ve got a headache now from squinting so hard.

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