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What’s the fee for Mile High Club membership?

Horrible day of travel…

July 31st, 2007

We finally made it to San Francisco last night, about 5 hours late. Amercian Airlines is inept. That’s about all I have to say.

We were too tired to go out last night, but we’re loving our hotel, The Sir Francis Drake

We’re going to cover lots of ground today. We’re headed to the Marina District for some coffee this morning. We’ll walk around for a few hours before heading to North Beach for lunch, and finally back to Union Square to let Eva hit the shops later this afternoon.

I’ll post again later and dry and drum up some good gossip.

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Eva and I will be in San Fran all week for a little vacation, some golf in Half Moon Bay, then a wedding in Napa on Saturday.

We’ll be posting daily. Hopefully we’ll have a few good pics to share.

If you have any advice, or want to buy me a drink, drop us a line.



We Americans take our Ikea seriously, but it’s nothing compared to the serious Scandinavian shoppers.

Apparently there are lots of people that take vacation based around visiting Ikea. As such, it only made sense that Ikea needed to cater towards these people and give them a place to stay.

The free hostel includes a bridal suite (of course) free breakfast and dinner, and you even get to keep your sheets.

The hostel is only open to those who plan on shopping in the store the next day.

This is Ikea’s first entry into the hospitality business.

(boing boing)


Southwest Airlines has nothing on Icaro. Icaro, an Ecuadorian company, is trying to drum up business by putting lingerie fashion shows in-flight. That’s right. Hot models parading up and down the aisles in skimpy little outfits. I think this would make turbulence a little more tolerable for me.

Check out the hilarious video here. How about the look on the men’s faces? One guy is too embarassed to even show his face. You got to love the honesty when one of the male passengers exclaimed, “It was a surprise…a nice surprise!” My wife would be all over me for this. I’d be dancing in the aisles looking for autographs.

This is a two week trial that’s only available on national routes. There’s no way one of our airlines could ever pull it off due to all the protests, but you have to appreciate that Ecuadorian spirit!



A 22 year old American was arrested this week for taking a bath in the Barcaccia fountain, that sits at the foot of The Spanish Steps (which are in Rome, for you that prefer to stay Stateside).

The man stripped naked, then proceeded to take a bath in fron of a crowd of people.

And then we wonder why the world thinks we Americans are obnoxious and feel like we own this place we call Earth.

He faces charges of committing an obscene act.



Team Where They Shop is headed to Phoenix over the weekend to catch the Red Sox and D-Backs.

We’ll be back with all kinds of updates on Sunday night. If something really crazy happens, we may drop in a post or two.

Have a great weekend!!!