…and they did.

Apparently they have a $275 million dollar deal done, and some incentives should he breal the HR record as a Yankee.


Tennis is boring…

November 13th, 2007

Check out the ball boy in this video. Pretty hilarious stuff.

I bet he wouldn’t have fallen asleep if Kournikova were playing.

I can’t help it…

October 31st, 2007

…I thought this was hilarious.

Tom Brady for Stetson Cologne

October 11th, 2007



See the other 4 ads in the series at Just Jared.


I have no reason to dislike him personally, but I’ve always been annoyed with that arrogant smirk he wears all the time. If I ever saw him I swear I’d smack him.

He thinks he’s the coolest guy in the room and you’d better do what he says or suffer the consequences.

Until now.


Big game tonight. Vince vs Reggie.

I live in Austin, TX. I have two degrees from the University of Texas, and I walked out of the Rose Bowl with a huge smile on my face back on January 4th, 2006.

Can you guess who I’m rooting for?

I promise some better posts tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Back to the game!

Greg Oden out for the year…

September 14th, 2007

(image courtesy William Perlman/The Star Ledger via US Presswire)

Damn! This sucks. Poor kid.

An exploratory procedure earlier today revealed a bigger problem, and the next thing you know he’s having microfracture surgery and will miss his first season in the NBA.

Shades of Sam Bowie for the Trailblazers? Let’s hope not.

Click the link below to hear Bill Simmons’ take…


Have you seen these?

Novak Djokovic, the No. 3 men’s tennis player in the world does some dead-on impressions of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova.

It’s just a neat glimpse into what some of the players do to pass time in the locker room during tournaments.

If you’re a tennis fan, you’ll love them…


What a weird combo!

It seems as though they’re going public with a very serious relationship that apparently ruined both of their previous marriages and friendships.

The golfer, worth about $300 million, just finalized a nasty divorce from his wife of 26 years.

Chrissie Evert has been married about 26 times, so I don’t think anyone’s to surprised to hear that she may walk down the aisle again.

Daily Mail UK


The men in blue have reached an agreement with Giorgio Armani that will make them the best dressed team in the EPL, by far.

“The team will be equipped with a single-breasted, two-button navy blue crease resistant lightweight wool gabardine suit, with flat-front, straight-legged trousers and a fitted jacket with pronounced ‘Roman’ shoulder line.

These will be worn with pale blue cotton shirts from the Armani Napoli range.

Players will also get a new club tie, a navy blue polo shirt which can be worn as an alternative to shirt and tie, a dark brown mock croc belt and brown suede half boots.

The wardrobe is completed by a classic single-breasted knee-length three button cashmere coat, and a single-breasted knee-length nylon raincoat, both in navy blue. ”

Of course if Armani is within your budget, you’ll be able to pick up a replica for yourself at Armani boutiques throughout the UK.

The team will debut the look versus Man U. Did you expect anything different?