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January 4th, 2008

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On second thought, keep it to yourselves.


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Christopher Knght (aka Peter Brady) is married to uber hottie Adrianne Curry, former winner of America’s Next Top Model and two time Playboy pictorial model.

She recently thought she was making a nice gesture, and had some professional pics taken of her having sex with another beautiful women, and presented them to Chris as a gift.

And he flipped! He was totally disgusted and is prepared to separate.

“It is the physicalisation of my worst fears. It creeps me out. I want a separation.”

Pete, settle down. Don’t do something you’re going to regret. The other 99% of men out there would kill to be in your shoes.

You’ve got a beautiful wife. Trust me you married WAY up. Then she goes and has pictures made of her naked with another really hot babe. Are you crazy?

Fatback and Collards

I joined Second Life

November 26th, 2007


Anyone else tried this?

I read quite a bit about it these days, and it seems to be growing pretty quickly, so i thought I’d check it out. I keep hearing about all these huge companies pouring money into it, sponsoring different things, and establishing their presence.

In a word, it’s consuming. If you want to make any inroads, you have to be ready to devote quite a bit of time to it, and that is something I just don’t have.

You’ve got to have money (Linden Dollars) to make an impact, otherwise it’s just a very easy way to watch your avatar have cybersex. It can be fairly graphic too.

I swear, after 24 hours the only thing I had really accomplished was having lost my virginity. It’s pretty easy to see how lonely teenagers and people with no game could get hooked on something like this as an outlet for sex, but it just doesn’t quite get me there. Cameron Frye could get laid in Second Life.

Stick to the good old porn if you ask me.

It’s pretty cool to meet people from all over the world, and I could see it being very cool if you were able to successfully carve out a little niche for you and friends, but that would require a major time investment.

There are also major issues with connection speeds. Specifically, people are dropping off constantly unless you have a super fast connection and a fast processor. Very frustrating to be talking to someone, then they disappear for no apparent reason. You never know whether you bored them to tears and they teleported away, or if their connection failed and they had to login all over again.

The connection issues also complicated basic conversations. Having a great connection, I was able to respond to questions very quickly. However, if you’re talking to someone with a bad connection, they get your responses very delayed, and by the time they respond, you have no idea what they’re responding to.

The software itself isn’t always reliable, but hey, it’s a pretty amazing tool that puts you virtually in touch with the rest of the planet. What do you expect?


I think my wife might be part British.

4 out of 10 women would rather buy a new pair of shoes than do the nasty. Even further, 37% of women say they could be happy in a sexless marriage. I wonder what percentage of that 37% would be okay with their husband’s having extramarital partners to satisfy their needs?

This comes from a recent survey of British women.

What is it about the ring on the finger that does it? It seems single women are horny as ever. Is it the chase that makes it so desirable. Then once you get married and the chase is over I suppose the sex becomes more of an obligation.

Read all about it at The Daily Mail.

Daily Mail


Would you rather?

November 6th, 2007

One night with Jessica Simpson or Marisa Miller? No talking, just sex.


Go with Marisa. Legs are longer, and believe it or not, the tits are bigger.

Kiki De Montparnasse

November 2nd, 2007


You know if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my experience traveling throughout Europe, it’s that Europeans take their lingerie much more seriously.

American girls look to Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s if they want something kind of kinky, or they just settle for whatever there is at Macy’s/Target.

European’s shop for their lingerie with just as much scrutiny as they do their other clothes, and they’re willing to pay for nicer, sexier things.

All that being said, renowned lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse is opening a store in LA, their first outside of the flagship store in SoHo, NYC. Think very-high end, very sexy, and very sophisticated.

“The new store in LA features an aphrodisiac garden, the store set up like a boudoir, and best of all, plush dressing rooms that, in the spirit of sensual exploration, come equipped with accessories, mirrors, and multiple light settings.”

If Ivanka Trump were going to buy a vibrator, she’d buy it here. Yes, they do sell them, along with all sorts of other good stuff.

If you happen to be in LA, check it out. It could make even the most prude of women come out of their shells.

Kiki de Montparnasse



I am!

Durex is looking for volunteers to try out some of their products. I knew they made condoms (though I was always a Trojan man back in my day), but who knew they sold massage tools (codename: dildos)?

One lucky volunteer will win $1000.

I know everyone that reads this site gets laid all the time, so click the link below to be considered.

If you don’t get laid, well, you probably ought to click here

Durex Condoms


Emmanuelle Beart, a French actress, was on the beach three years ago to do a photo shoot for Elle, when she impulsively decided to go for a swim.

As you know, the French aren’t real big on constricting clothing while sunbathing, so she stripped it all off and jumped in. The photographer, who happened to be a friend, asked Emmanuelle if she wouldn’t mind if she kept the camera rolling for a few more shots while she was in the water. The next thing you know, her nudes are responsible for the greeatest selling edition of Elle of all time.

“We’d just arrived for a beauty shoot, it was 5am and I desperately needed a swim. The photographer was a friend, and she asked if I’d mind if she took a few photos. When I saw them, it was me who suggested they use those. It was a riposte to all those skinny, semi-anorexic adolescents that women’s magazines inflict on us; it was to say, ‘Look, I’m 40, this is my body, this is my plenitude, these are my curves, I like them and I’m proud of them.’ It’s true, I feel better in my body now than when I was 20. Why not?”

So now you’re obviously wanting to see all the pics, and the truth is I don’t have them. I’ve never seen them. Sorry to burst your bubble. All I have is her cover shot, which you see above.

The point of this post is to point out that this chick has an insane body. Not just for someone her age, but any age. The lesson is that you don’t have to be a waif to be hot.

I like thin girls, but I don’t think there’s any man with half a brain that wouldn’t be extremely attracted to this woman.


This would be me backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show…

Was Sting a customer at a brothel?

September 14th, 2007


(images courtesy Photostyle/BILD)

If you know anything about his past with wife Trudie Styler, you might not be too surprised to learn that Sting may have popped into one of Germany’s most famous brothels for a little company.

It seems he was driven to Relax immediately after a recent Police reunion tour concert date in Hamburg.

He and Trudie have revealed previously that they’ve engaged in some couple’s sex, and Trudie herself has mentioned watching Sting meet and interact with other women, even while nude.

Is this a big deal? I guess not.

If she’s cool with it…then I’m cool with it.

Regardless, if you’re famous, it never looks good to be seen outside an establishment that’s know for selling sex.

Daily Mail UK