iPhones for everyone!!!

June 29th, 2007

(image courtesy Engadget)

That was the story of the day for all Apple employees, including the temps. Steve Jobs called a rare “Town Hall Meeting” of all Apple employees to deliver the news, just a day before they’re available to the general public. He’s only done this once before (iPod), and we all know how that turned out.

I wish I could have seen some of the reactions. People must have been going apeshit! Remember when Oprah gave away those cars a few years ago and the audience went into absolute hysterics? It was like someone had thrown a cheeseburger in front of Jennifer Hudson.

I wonder how many of those phones will be on eBay this weekend?


(image courtesy SpalshNewsOnline.com)

Just days after getting out of prison, Paris jetted to Maui to catch some rays and collect her thoughts. I’m not sure how she thought the black wig would fool anyone, but who cares. The world is a little more interesting with Paris running around.

Maybe the paps will leave Matt and Ben alone. Did they move there? Seems like they’ve been there forever.


Southwest Airlines has nothing on Icaro. Icaro, an Ecuadorian company, is trying to drum up business by putting lingerie fashion shows in-flight. That’s right. Hot models parading up and down the aisles in skimpy little outfits. I think this would make turbulence a little more tolerable for me.

Check out the hilarious video here. How about the look on the men’s faces? One guy is too embarassed to even show his face. You got to love the honesty when one of the male passengers exclaimed, “It was a surprise…a nice surprise!” My wife would be all over me for this. I’d be dancing in the aisles looking for autographs.

This is a two week trial that’s only available on national routes. There’s no way one of our airlines could ever pull it off due to all the protests, but you have to appreciate that Ecuadorian spirit!



Hint: She made a name for herself when she showed up on the red carpet about 10 years ago on the arm of her then-boyfriend, Hugh Grant, in a revealing dress help up by large safetypins.

That gave it away didn’t it?

Click here for more scoop and pics…

Maria, you can do better…

June 28th, 2007


Maria looks adorable here at the VS Candy Store launch in NYC (yada, yada, yada), but she’s clearly not playing at the level she’s been at in recent weeks. Honestly, I think it’s the lack of cleavage.

Am I a pervert these days or what?

I was really getting used to this…



(image courtesy Paul Hadfield/Andy Robinson/Matt Keeble/Splash News Online)

The big news across the pond this week is whether Prince William and Kate Middleton are back together. After breaking up a few months ago, rumors have been flying that they’ve enjoyed a few low-profile dates recently, in an attempt at reconciliation.

William and Harry are throwing a huge concert this weekend to celebrate the life of their mother, Diana, on the 10th anniversary of her death. It’s been assumed that William would take a date, and naturally everyone wants to know who it’s going to be.

Do you care?



If you’re into men’s fashion, Paris is the place to be this week. Designers such as YSL, Lanvin, Gaultier, and Galliano picked their models last week, and are ready to strut them down the catwalks.

The average age of the models is 17 years old. Who knew they were so young?

If you’re in town, here is the schedule and location of each show.



A 22 year old American was arrested this week for taking a bath in the Barcaccia fountain, that sits at the foot of The Spanish Steps (which are in Rome, for you that prefer to stay Stateside).

The man stripped naked, then proceeded to take a bath in fron of a crowd of people.

And then we wonder why the world thinks we Americans are obnoxious and feel like we own this place we call Earth.

He faces charges of committing an obscene act.


Indiana Jones is back!

June 28th, 2007


Dr. Jones looks no worse for the wear after all these years. This is rumored to be one of the first shots of Harrison Ford in costume, on the set of the new movie that comes out next summer.

Regardless of the reviews, I’ll definitely be checking this flick out.



I have a total crush on Minka Kelly in NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”. I’m pretty sure the cheerleading outfits have something to do with it, but she rarely has a bad day, no matter what she’s wearing.

I gotta admit though that when I see candids of her off the set, I think she loses a little bit of her luster. This has happened on multiple occasions. In these pics here, there’s no denying she’s really pretty, but she could stand to lose a little bit of the caked on make-up. Does the outfit work? I’m thinking no. Am I crazy?

Rachel Bilson or Minka Kelly? Now that’s a tough one.