Kristin Davis has wrinkles…

November 30th, 2007

(image courtesy

…and I can appreciate that. For once at least, I think I can say I’m looking at the real person, and the Photoshop Gods took a pass on this one.


Who is this Kristen Bell person?

November 30th, 2007


She’s all over the place. I don’t watch ‘Heroes’, but I always thought Hayden Panetierre and Ali Larter were the only two hotties on that show?

If Kristen keeps this up, I might just have to watch.

Hayden is just too young for me. Ali Larter is top shelf quality, but not strong enough to bring me in just yet.

Fatback and Collards


I’m going to go with yes. Though it almost looks fake, I think she looks sexy.

Not sure what I’d think if she weren’t so dressed up here. Nonetheless, I think Tom is loving hitting that every night.

Evil Beet Gossip

What’s up with Piper Perabo?

November 30th, 2007


I thought she was supposed to be the next ‘It’ girl?

The bloggers over at The Bastardly are always giving her a hard time, saying she always looks sad. I’m starting to believe them.

maybe she’s sad at the number of scripts that are being handed to her.

The Bastardly

Stacy Keibler needs a stylist…

November 30th, 2007


With a body like that, there are no excuses why she shouldn’t look amazing every time out.

It’s like she’s shopping at Wal-Mart, then goes to make an appearance…

Drunken Stepfather

(image courtesy Jezebel)

Is there anything nastier than a used condom? Just out of curiosity. Do you flush them or toss them in the trash?

We’ll your friends over in China have found a way to turn into a product to keep your long hair out of your face. You heard me right.

Instead of throwing them away, you could be making money.


Even worse, apparently health officials have explained that diseases can still be transferred with these things.

Just a tip, but stick with the rubber band.


How good are your eyes?

November 28th, 2007


Is she wearing any panties? I honestly can’t tell.

Can you recognize the ass? I promise you’ve seen it before.

The Superficial


I know this pic doesn’t do her justice, but this woman is stunning.

Michael K, of Dlisted, said she made Nicole Kidman look like a troll the other day at the premiere for ‘The Golden Compass’.


Nicole looks too fake now.


This can’t be Penelope Cruz!

November 27th, 2007


She’s so much better than this. This chick looks like a tranny, or Sandra Bullock.

The hair looks like a wig!


…but there’s something hot really about seeing Jessica Alba and her body double hanging out together.


Her name is Taryn Dakha. They look just alike!

What if you got them both horny and drunk? You think? Nah!!!!

I wonder if Taryn is a bitch too?