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Have you played Wii yet? The wife and I got one. If you haven’t tried, they’re pretty addictive.

She actually loves it because you can be so active while you’re playing, instead of watching me sit on my ass all night shooting bad guys.

Game publisher Midway is reportedly getting ready to release “Party Game” that has several of what I consider bar games, or games you might play while you’re drinking beer.

The most important of which is Beer Pong, or Wii Beirut as it will be called. That’s all we need. A video game that basically promotes drinking. What a concept! I love it!

How long until this game is played on campuses all over the country? Will it be more popular than the real thing?

Other games in the package include shuffleboard, darts and skee-ball. Yes, skee-ball. Showbiz is hating it.

You Been Blinded

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