What’s up with Piper Perabo?

November 30th, 2007


I thought she was supposed to be the next ‘It’ girl?

The bloggers over at The Bastardly are always giving her a hard time, saying she always looks sad. I’m starting to believe them.

maybe she’s sad at the number of scripts that are being handed to her.

The Bastardly

Stacy Keibler needs a stylist…

November 30th, 2007


With a body like that, there are no excuses why she shouldn’t look amazing every time out.

It’s like she’s shopping at Wal-Mart, then goes to make an appearance…

Drunken Stepfather

(image courtesy Jezebel)

Is there anything nastier than a used condom? Just out of curiosity. Do you flush them or toss them in the trash?

We’ll your friends over in China have found a way to turn into a product to keep your long hair out of your face. You heard me right.

Instead of throwing them away, you could be making money.


Even worse, apparently health officials have explained that diseases can still be transferred with these things.

Just a tip, but stick with the rubber band.


How good are your eyes?

November 28th, 2007


Is she wearing any panties? I honestly can’t tell.

Can you recognize the ass? I promise you’ve seen it before.

The Superficial


I know this pic doesn’t do her justice, but this woman is stunning.

Michael K, of Dlisted, said she made Nicole Kidman look like a troll the other day at the premiere for ‘The Golden Compass’.


Nicole looks too fake now.


This can’t be Penelope Cruz!

November 27th, 2007


She’s so much better than this. This chick looks like a tranny, or Sandra Bullock.

The hair looks like a wig!


…but there’s something hot really about seeing Jessica Alba and her body double hanging out together.


Her name is Taryn Dakha. They look just alike!

What if you got them both horny and drunk? You think? Nah!!!!

I wonder if Taryn is a bitch too?


…and not like a man!


Kate Hudson? Nope, that’s really Brooke.

I admit. It moved!

Click below for many more pics.

The Superficial

I joined Second Life

November 26th, 2007


Anyone else tried this?

I read quite a bit about it these days, and it seems to be growing pretty quickly, so i thought I’d check it out. I keep hearing about all these huge companies pouring money into it, sponsoring different things, and establishing their presence.

In a word, it’s consuming. If you want to make any inroads, you have to be ready to devote quite a bit of time to it, and that is something I just don’t have.

You’ve got to have money (Linden Dollars) to make an impact, otherwise it’s just a very easy way to watch your avatar have cybersex. It can be fairly graphic too.

I swear, after 24 hours the only thing I had really accomplished was having lost my virginity. It’s pretty easy to see how lonely teenagers and people with no game could get hooked on something like this as an outlet for sex, but it just doesn’t quite get me there. Cameron Frye could get laid in Second Life.

Stick to the good old porn if you ask me.

It’s pretty cool to meet people from all over the world, and I could see it being very cool if you were able to successfully carve out a little niche for you and friends, but that would require a major time investment.

There are also major issues with connection speeds. Specifically, people are dropping off constantly unless you have a super fast connection and a fast processor. Very frustrating to be talking to someone, then they disappear for no apparent reason. You never know whether you bored them to tears and they teleported away, or if their connection failed and they had to login all over again.

The connection issues also complicated basic conversations. Having a great connection, I was able to respond to questions very quickly. However, if you’re talking to someone with a bad connection, they get your responses very delayed, and by the time they respond, you have no idea what they’re responding to.

The software itself isn’t always reliable, but hey, it’s a pretty amazing tool that puts you virtually in touch with the rest of the planet. What do you expect?


I think my wife might be part British.

4 out of 10 women would rather buy a new pair of shoes than do the nasty. Even further, 37% of women say they could be happy in a sexless marriage. I wonder what percentage of that 37% would be okay with their husband’s having extramarital partners to satisfy their needs?

This comes from a recent survey of British women.

What is it about the ring on the finger that does it? It seems single women are horny as ever. Is it the chase that makes it so desirable. Then once you get married and the chase is over I suppose the sex becomes more of an obligation.

Read all about it at The Daily Mail.

Daily Mail